Postgraduate Essentials 1

My external harddrive that I used to back-up all my files for the last couple of years suddenly died a couple of months ago.  Needless to say, I was pretty devastated.  However, I still had all my files on my computer so I wasn’t too bummed out.  But, since then I have been a lot more careful about making sure I have copies and backups of all my important documents and all the work that I am producing/submitting.

I still haven’t got round to purchasing a new external hard-drive, mostly due to the fact that I just don’t have any fluid cash right now because I am paying so much in fees, but I would of course recommend strongly that everyone has one.  I am currently saving for one.

In the interim however I discovered the joys of DropBox.  DropBox gives 2GB of free online storage, also the files stay loaclised to any machine you download your DropBox program to.  That way, you’ve always got access to your important files online, or indeed any computer with your DropBox.  You can also set up shared files.  So, for example, my wife and I have a shared file where we are able to store copies of our important documents (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Passport Details, etc.) this means that each of us can access these files quickly and easily anytime we like.  You can of course complete certain tasks to earn more storage, but because I use it, mostly, for storing University or Work related documents I find the 2GB ample and generous.

Please, sign up to DropBox, give it a whirl.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

I was not solicited, or paid to write this post.  This is a no obligation review of a service that I enjoy.  Links provided to DropBox are affiliated with my account.  This means that, in the event of you subscribing via one of the links above it will credit my account with more storage.

2 thoughts on “Postgraduate Essentials 1

  1. Tom Curragh says:

    Evernote is also a good one to use, I recommend giving that a try. You can email things straight into your account.

  2. Evernote is scheduled to make an appearance in this series, Tom. I love it!

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