Constant innovation.

Apple has recently announced the iPad 2.  But, I guess you already knew that unless you’ve been living under a rock.  It truly is a thing of beauty.  Sleek, cool, ingenius and updated.  All this just 9 months after Apple revolutionised the post-PC market with the original iPad.

Apple always seem to do this.  They bring out a great, ground breaking product and a few months later there’s an updated version that you just have to have.  Some people have classified this as arrogant, and on my worst day I would tend to agree.  But on my best days I like to think of Apple as the model business.  Always innovating, always adapting and always perfecting.

I love(d) the iPad, I love the iPad 2 and I love Apple.  They are constantly pushing the barriers of convention, design and performance with great success.  And, whilst I may not always have the capital to be an early (or late!) adopter of their products, I love them and I will continue to be a fan and consumer of Apple products for as long as they keep pushing the boundaries.

So, what say you?  Do Apple innovate too regularly and are they arrogant as a result?  Or, do they innovate to push the boundaries and bring out ground breaking products that people love?


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