PhD proposals and Peace Walls

Peace Walls in Northern Ireland

I am in the midst of finalising my PhD proposal.  I am proposing research into post conflict governance in Northern Ireland, analysing their chosen system of consociationalism in light of sustainability as a regulator of ethnic and religious conflict.  I will be exploring the viability of the peace process and whether or not the post-conflict management has simply promoted a culture of toleration (a la John Locke) or whether or not it has quelled conflict and promoted national self-determination.

Today, after catching up with some blogs this morning I am greeted with the reality that I will have to update my proposal with some information that, whilst it will undoubtedly strengthen the necessity and originality of my proposal, is saddening.

More peace walls have been proposed and approved for construction in (London)Derry.  I’m in full agreement with Slugger O’Toole‘s writer Turgon (Original Article from Slugger) who has noted that ‘The fact that these peace lines are needed so long after the supposed end of The Troubles is of course a bit depressing.‘  Turgon goes on to say that they are, nonetheless, needed.  Ethnic and religious conflict has not quelled, it has not stopped, and it is, in fact as strong and entrenched as ever.  I’m not sure I would go as far as that – but the fact that this is a sad yet necessary event remains the same.


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