Toolbox Essentials

MacBook Pro 13″

Of course, I’m going to start with the most important ingredient.  I would be lost without this little gem.  I’ve had it about a year and a half now and it is still as brilliant and awe-inspiring to use as the day and hour I bought it.  It is small enough to lug to and from various coffee shops, and to and from university on a daily basis.  Beautifully crafted little machine, incredibly reliable.  And, even if anything does go wrong you’ve got Apple‘s world class customer care to fall back on.  One thing I do wish I had is a big monitor to connect to whilst doing work at home.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a little bit more real estate for your ideas…you know?  Irrespective of that I wouldn’t trade from the 13″ model for anything.

Cruzer 2GB memory stick

Seriously.  Love.  It.  Most reliable memory stick I’ve ever owned.  Easy to increase security.  Handy way to transport tonnes of pages worth of documents in my pocket.  This is a must for any postgraduate.  Could not recommend this little beauty any more highly.

iPod Touch 2nd Gen

Another little beauty from Apple.  These days you’ll rarely catch me away from the house without my iPod.  I must admit I don’t listen to as much music on it as I should because I find it kind of weird listening to music in public – such a surreal feeling to me – it makes me feel like I’m living in a movie for some reason.  but I love listening to Podcasts (favourites are TED and The Moth), and I love iTunes’ new iTunes University feature – I can access a host of amazing lectures and talks to listen to on the go.

Blackberry Curve

The trusty phone.  I’ve had this phone for 19 months now, which is the longest I’ve ever had one phone for.  That should be a testament to the durability and usability of this little thing.  I have managed to resist all urges to embed it into a wall.  I enjoy this phone – although it is a little bit mundane and the internet is terrible.  But, as usual, BlackBerry is miles ahead in terms of email.  I have 5 accounts linked to my Blackberry and I love how it gives me instant access to all of them, all of the time.  And, of course, BlackBerry Messenger is brilliant.  Especially as my wife is a BlackBerry user.

Starbucks Card

Unusual little addition here at the end.  The Starbucks Rewards Card.  Whilst I don’t always have money on it (I wish) this little badboy is useful because I can access Starbucks’ Wi-Fi for free because my card is registered with them.  Insanely useful for working effectively on the go.


5 thoughts on “Toolbox Essentials

  1. Alex Pryce says:

    I have to say, I have all of the above and they are all central to my work too. Except that my BB is a Bold, and I actually don’t use my memory pen that much since I don’t tend to work on workstations that aren’t my laptop very often.

    Also – please let me assure you that if you have a laptop, even a beauty like the MBP, another essential MUST be an external hard drive to back up. I know this sounds evangelical, but the idea of losing everything is just too horrific to even contemplate.

    • Theoretically I totally agree with you. I say theoretically because I currently do not have an external harddrive, but have been meaning to get one for quite some time. I had one up until about 9 months ago that stopped working (afters about 5 years of heavy usage). I really need to get another one. It’s terrible that I don’t have one. I feel ashamed. I do use DropBox for all the super duper important documents.

  2. mysonabsalom says:

    I have an almost evangelical fervour for the Starbucks card. Bring your own tumbler and you can get two tall coffees for £.75. Amazing. I have stopped drinking coffee anywhere else.

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