The Monday Retrospect

What is ‘The Monday Retrospect’?

This is a weekly collection of things that have caught my attention and imagination over the last week.  It is a chance to put into words what I have been doing, thoughts I have been processing, things that are happening.  It’s a bit of a mind dump really.

  • The last week has been spent fine tuning my PhD proposal.  I think I am semi-happy with it.  It is now in the hands of several lecturers, professors and colleagues who are in the process of reviewing it and suggesting changes.
  • Nathan Erskine wrote a great post recently entitled ‘Politics and Community Work – A Convergence on the Horizon?‘.  In this post he is discussing the controversial Community Partnership Northern Ireland and calling into question the challenge of local democracy and local enfranchisement.  Jump over to join the discussion.
  • I am entering the last 2 weeks of teaching for my Master’s course.  It’s been an incredible journey.
  • This week I have been struck very often with the great privilege it is to be going through education.
  • I’ve also been reflecting (again) on where my educational journey has taken me, and, more importantly, where it’s going…
  • “Violence is simply not radical enough” – Walter Wink.
  • Get yourself an empty seat next to you on the plane.  More room for spreading out.
  • Ever wish you were younger?  Missed out on chasing your dreams?  Don’t be silly!
  • I’ve increased my hours at work recently.  So this week has been a coffee fuelled haze as I adapt to a new schedule.
  • It’s getting to that time when I need to start thinking about flights…

That’s it for this week.  What’s going on with you?



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