MA Dissertation Begins

As of yesterday I have a dissertation supervisor in the form of Prof. Stefan Wolff as well as a working title to play around with and work towards.

My dissertation is about governance structures and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and my dissertation has the working title:

Consociationalism and Polarisation: The Viability of Peace in Northern Ireland.

The core of this thesis is essentially threefold. Firstly, to analyse the efficacy of government consociations as a regulator of ethnic conflict and explore possible ramifications of national self-determination under the wider banner of peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction. Secondly, to analyse the theoretical and practical framework of consociationalism in Northern Ireland. Thirdly, to address recent developments in the Northern Ireland community towards depolarisation, cohesion and integration.I’m really happy to have Prof. Wolff supervising me for this dissertation as he is a pretty big fish in terms of security studies, peace building and consociational governance.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the supervisory relationship develops over the course of the dissertation but I imagine I will learn a lot.

I will be tracking the progress of my dissertation with a fancy tool that Alex Pryce has used in the past.  I will also be adding a page specifically devoted to collecting together posts related to my dissertation and how it is going.

It’s been a great start to the week and hopefully I can keep the momentum going to close out my last week of classes on a high note.


4 thoughts on “MA Dissertation Begins

  1. Sophie says:

    I’ll be following your dissertation posts with interest – congratulations on having your title & abstract so concisely sorted.

    • Thanks Sophie! Just checked out your blog too. Love it. Consider it added to My Google Reader and Blogroll.

      Thanks for the congratulations – definitely a big day (for me at least) glad to have things sorted now and looking forward to delving in.

  2. Alex Pryce says:

    Awww. All us bloggers giving each other comment love!

    FYI, Jonny, the progress meter I use is – and I’ve recently discovered you can set the colour by just typing in the word!

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