Dissertation Supervision

I had my first official supervision appointment with Prof. Stefan Wolff on Wednesday.  It was really beneficial.

I explained to him the approach that I was hoping to take for the next month in terms of reading and structure.  He seemed really happy with my methodological approach and proposed direction.  He gave me some valuable food for thought regarding the underlying assumptions about ‘power-sharing’ governance in post-conflict societies.

We also chatted a little bit about doctoral studies.  If I haven’t already announced it yet Prof. Wolff has also agreed to be my PhD supervisor.  Obviously this is great news.  I’ve managed to bag a well-respected scholar in my chosen field and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the relationship unfolds.

Now I begin the task of starting to piece together this work.  I’ve added a tracker to let you all know how I’m getting on with the word count.  It’s looking a little bit meagre at the moment, but it will get better!  I promise.

126 / 13500 words. 1% done!


3 thoughts on “Dissertation Supervision

  1. mysonabsalom says:

    Hey, saw your comment on Ragamuffin Soul: I teach part-time at Birmingham, actually at the Centre for English Language Studies and thought I would say hello. I’m doing my PhD in Milton Keynes at the Open University. Good to know you: I’ll put your blog in my RSS reader.

    • Thanks! Glad to find another Ragamuffin Soul reader that’s a UK student. I’ve also added your blog to my reader. Your site is very nice indeed. Did you do the design work yourself?

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