Where to begin…

Well.  We’re almost at the end of 2011 – which seems ridiculous!

I guess I’ll give a quick run down of things since I last posted…

    • I finished my Master’s dissertation.  It came in at 13,030 words altogether and I think it was a pretty decent piece of work.
    • Of course, the above bar which says 97% is now redundant as I am, in fact, 100% done.
    • I finished up my contract with Muskoka Woods as Director of Senior High Programming.  I worked their from May – September.  It was my 4th year in the Muskoka region and I can honestly say that I leave a piece of my heart their every time I leave.  Moreso, however, I leave a piece of my heart with my colleagues.
    • Cassie and I are now settled in Northern Ireland.  We’re living in Newtownabbey which is a town right on the edge of Belfast and loving life.
    • I am working for FMPCI.  A church in North Belfast.  I’m currently working as their Youth and Community Development Worker and having a blast doing so.  It’s a fairly multi-faceted job and I am really enjoying it.
    • I am officially a PhD student…Well, not officially I guess.  Really I am an undifferentiated postgraduate research student but it’s the same thing really.  I just need to pass a differentiation which is one of the many hurdles doctoral students must overcome.
    • I am researching consociationalism in Northern Ireland with Prof. Rick Wilford, a world expert in the field, so I am delighted on all accounts.
    • I am slowly beginning some consultancy work which is taking on various guises at present.  I am mostly consulting around skills development and change management but this, undoubtedly will morph over time.
    • I will have a few exciting projects/partnerships to announce in 2012 hopefully. Stay tuned for more information.

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