The Monday Retrospect

What is ‘The Monday Retrospect’?

This is a weekly collection of things that have caught my attention and imagination over the last week.  It is a chance to put into words what I have been doing, thoughts I have been processing, things that are happening.  It’s a bit of a mind dump really.

  • The Monday Retrospect makes a glorious return.
  • I would like this blog to become a bit more ‘unedited, unscripted and less perfect’.  But, part of me just won’t allow it.  I like to be quite meticulous and sure of things before hitting the ‘Publish’ button.  And, event when I do, the ‘Edit’ button looms over me.
  • I love this series of ‘The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011‘.  It’s incredible to think that this was our year…
  • A Saudi Royal has ploughed $300M in to Twitter.  This has bought him a 3% stake valuing the company circa $10Bn.
  • Facebook have finally rolled out their new timeline for everyone.  I have had access to it for a few months now because I cheated the system and registered as a developer.  But, it’s nice to see it on everyone else’s profile.  Personally, I love it.
  • No man is rich enough to buy back his past. -Oscar Wilde
  • The Toward Consulting Blog publish thought provoking material on a semi-regular basis.  I really liked their piece on the Quaker practice of ‘Clearness Committees’.
  • Diggnation is coming to an end.  Sad times.
  • David Cameron has caused a bit of a kerfuffle this week with his speech that suggested Britain was a Christian country.  This, in my opinion, is being blown out of all proportion by Christians who are falling hopelessly in love with him, and non-Christians who are pushing back – hard!  I like this approach.  It seems balanced and fairly in line with my own feelings.  It questions the validity of his assertions whilst also calling into questions some other important ramifications of Cameron’s religion and polity agenda.
  • I had my 3 month review for my PhD program this week.  It went well, really well in fact.  My supervisors seem happy with the direction my research is going and happy with my progress so far.
  • I only have one short piece of work left that is due before Christmas.  It’s a nice feeling.

That’s it for today.  What’s going on with you?

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