The Monday Retrospect

What is ‘The Monday Retrospect’?

This is a weekly collection of things that have caught my attention and imagination over the last week.  It is a chance to put into words what I have been doing, thoughts I have been processing, things that are happening.  It’s a bit of a mind dump really.

  • First and foremost.  I want to give a massive plug to PandoDaily (@PandoDaily) – this is a new tech/start-up site launched by @SarahCuda (Sarah Lacy previously of TechCrunch).  It gives a fresh and innovative approach to the tech industry.  An immediate hit, I love it!  Subscribe to it, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Diggnation is over.  Sad times.  The last few episodes (heck, all episodes) are worth watching.
  • Hippie Glenn from Diggnation is now offering a new web series called Toasted Donut. It’s been pretty good so far.  It’s short format.  Never any longer than 15 minutes and it fills my Wednesday podcast fix pretty nicely.
  • My next find is an offering of PandoDaily.  Why Isn’t This News?  This is a new podcast from Sarah Lacy (@SarahCuda founder of @PandoDaily) and Paul Carr (@PaulCarr founder of NSFW Corp @NSFWHQ) and they talk about their past week as new founders of burgeoning new media behemoths!  I love it.  It’s raw, honest, and witty.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to view all the WITN videos on the PandoDaily website through categorising, but you can view the latest episode here.
  • Seth Godin offers his new manifesto on the meaning of education.  I’ve just had a glance so far, but I look forward to seriously engaging with it.  It seems provocative and thoughtful.
  • I’m still waist deep in the throes of PhD research.  I’m currently trying to arrange interviews for my qualitative research.  I’m hoping to interview some MLA’s and Executive members in Northern Ireland about how the Program for Government advances, if it does at all, an agenda for reconciliation and integration.  Any thoughts?
  • I’m also trying to put together a few abstracts for submission to various conferences.  This is proving challenging at present.  I’ve got a pretty busy schedule at the moment and I’m trying to consider when I can even get time to write the full papers if the abstract is accepted. I guess I’ll just have to make time.
  • It is not the literal past, the ‘facts’ of history, that shape us, but images of the past embodied in language. – Brian Friel
  • I went to see the play Uncle Vanya in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast in the past week.  It was truly excellent.  I haven’t been to the theatre in quite some time and I forgot how enjoyable it was.  Need to go more often.
  • New app that I am toying around with lately: Smartr Contacts.  I don’t know if I’ll ever fully switch from Apple’s native contacts client, but I kind of like it for now.
  • I love this website.  DesireToInspire has so any great pictures of houses I drool over.

That’s it for this week.  Tune in next week for more.  Oh, and, what’s going on with you?


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