The Monday Retrospect

What is ‘The Monday Retrospect’?

This is a weekly collection of things that have caught my attention and imagination over the last week.  It is a chance to put into words what I have been doing, thoughts I have been processing, things that are happening.  It’s a bit of a mind dump really.

  • There has been a pretty powerful Social Media campaign launched to bring awareness to, and an end to, the exploitation of child Soldier by the LRA and in particular by their leader Joseph Kony.  Watch the video on Youtube here.  It was uploaded Match 5th, one week ago.  At the time of writing this is has 74.1M views.  In a week.
  • There has been some controversy around the issue of #Kony2012.  I have my own opinions.  I’ll try and weigh in with a post during the week.
  • John Saddington of suggests that teaching others actually increases your own expertise exponentially also.  I am inclined to agree with him.
  • Is our MO to control or to facilitate?  This is a great and challenging post from Marko of the Youth Cartel that asks us create learning opportunities and let go of the harness a little bit.  This is probably one of the best articles I have read this week.
  • @CassieMcCormick was gone this weekend.  Now, this is bad enough in and of itself.  But, we have had to share a laptop charger for the past week or so because one broke.  So, Cassie took the charger this weekend because she was off doing important things at The College of Law.  Therefore, this week I was stuck with no MBP and instead got by with just the iPad.
  • He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.  -Harold Wilson
  • I don’t know if you’ve heard or not…but the new iPad is out and it’s called…iPad 3 iPad HD…iPad.  It has some amazing features, not to mention the resolution, but I’m happy with my 2nd gen iPad.
  • I just bought a new pair of Sony ZX300 on ear headphones and I love them.  They cost me less than £10.  BOOM
  • PandoDaily didn’t disappoint this week with their latest episode of WITN with @PaulCarr and @SarahCuda.  Give it a shot.
  • Are we friends on facebook?
  • Or are you following me on twitter?
  • I’m thinking of joining the ToastMasters.  Are any of you involved?  Or do you have an opinion?  I’ve been thinking about it for a while.
  • As someone who appreciate carefully constructed writing (this blog excepted) I am loving this blog on Business Writing.  I often find myself directed here if I have any grammatical or syntactic questions.
  • I’m currently putting together an abstract for a presentation and subsequent journal publication.  Here goes nothin’.
  • I’m also working on a book review for a journal.

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